What hyundai cars are most reliable?

The Hyundai Sonata always ranks first in terms of Hyundai reliability in the mid-size sedan category, earning a favorable reliability score among customers and the JD Power rating system. With a 60,000-mile warranty and a 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, this vehicle's safety and performance guarantees place it first compared to the competition. Over the years, Hyundai has grown from being a relatively unknown Asian automaker worldwide to being a household name in the United Kingdom, USA. United States, Canada and India.

Reliability plays an important role when reselling a car, as cars with a reputation for solid build quality are more likely to attract buyers looking for a safe investment. The Santa Fe ranks high in terms of Hyundai reliability, earning a rating of 4 out of 5 stars according to RepairPal. After relative success in the manufacturing industry, Hyundai's board members decided they wanted to try their luck producing their own vehicle and, in 1975, the Hyundai Pony began rolling off the production line. Hyundai offers 5-year warranties for unlimited mileage, much higher than the industry average, approximately 60,000 miles or 3 years.

You can tell Hyundai is proud to offer affordable vehicles, safety, reliability and performance in one reliable vehicle. After initially partnering with Ford, Hyundai has become a global powerhouse and sells more than a million vehicles worldwide every year, of which more than 700,000 are sold in the United States. However, which one stands to gain? While both are quite good and take a big advantage over other contemporary brands, Toyota gives Hyundai a slight boost due to its maximum reliability. It's worth remembering that, after a purchase in 1998, Hyundai and Kia are part of the same company.

Hyundai prices make a prospective buyer take a look, but then the fit, style and performance make them bite. As you can see, Hyundai is top notch when it comes to reliability and is consistently among the top five car companies when it comes to reliable service. Designed for families who need some space without breaking the bank, or for those who can buy a car for the first time, the Elantra offers a reliable option that won't cost too much money to drive every day. Even after summing it all up and accepting that Hyundai is a pretty good vehicle for the modern era, there is always the question of what driver-to-driver reliability means.

Now that Hyundai is competing with the automotive greats, they must also meet or exceed the standards they have set over the years.

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