Is hyundai more reliable than toyota?

While Toyota certainly has a reputation for reliability, it doesn't compare to the best warranty in the United States. When you buy a Hyundai, you'll have coverage for much longer in every way. For true peace of mind, you need a Hyundai. If you're looking for a car with more presence on the road, the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV has it in abundance.

Hyundai is an older company than many people think, founded 52 years ago, in 1967, in the South Korean capital, Seoul, by businessman Chung Ju-Yung. Now that Hyundai is competing with the automotive greats, they must also meet or exceed the standards they have set over the years. However, which one stands to gain? While both are quite good and take a big advantage over other contemporary brands, Toyota gives Hyundai a slight boost due to its maximum reliability. If you're looking for a very reliable new vehicle that's backed by the automaker for longer, Hyundai is the brand for you.

They're known for producing durable and reliable vehicles, whether you're looking for an affordable sedan or an SUV with plenty of cargo space. If you're looking for alternative fuel vehicles, both Toyota and Hyundai offer hybrid and electric cars that fit a variety of budgets. Depending on what's important to buyers, this is undoubtedly one of the most obvious ways in which Hyundai beats Toyota. With that in mind, let's take an in-depth look at which brand will be the best fit for you, Hyundai or Toyota.

Modern Hyundai cars face no more reliability issues than any other manufacturer, such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda or Mazda. If you're buying in the main segment, there's a chance you've compared rivals like the Hyundai Sonata and the Toyota Camry. This second generation of Pony was known for its poor build quality, although the low price still allowed Hyundai to gain a significant presence in the US market. This is partly because its closest rivals, Toyota, Honda and Mazda, are among the most respected car companies in the world and, therefore, with this strong competition, Hyundai must do better than the three in some ways to accumulate orders and customers.

Meanwhile, their vehicle reliability study indicates that Hyundai scores 124, while Kia gets 126 problems for every 100 vehicles. The other factor that will really affect your pocket when choosing a Hyundai or a Toyota is fuel economy.

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